“Totally worth the money…”

“I have a 4th generation iPod touch that has had a super broken screen for about a year and a half now. Still works and is functional and usable but the last couple months the little glass pieces are coming off more and more and if i swipe too much I get tiny cuts, and then the home button was hanging on by almost a literal thread, so I had to scotch tape the bottom of the screen.
As you can imagine, it looked really ghetto.
A few days ago, I looked on the bulletin board at my work and saw a coupon for iExperts for 10$ off a screen repair, and I took it and thought, well, maybe I’ll just see how much it would cost. A whopping 60$! Better than other quotes from other screen repair guys I’ve gotten.
It took them hardly two days to order the screen, and the guy came right to my apartment, took my iPod, and came back about an hour and a half later with it, and it looked/looks so beautiful!! Totally worth the money.
Really great customer service, too. The guy who came to my house was so nice.”1nPPNtyRxDj5kvMg


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